Meghan McCain Posts Cryptic Instagram After Rumors Swirl That She’s Leaving ‘The View’

Meghan McCain joined The View in 2017.In recent months, she has quarreled with her show co-hosts, especially Joy Behar.There are reports that McCain feels like “a caged animal” and has plans to leave The View—but ABC begs to differ.

It’s been a difficult few months for the co-hosts on The View, to say the least. Between Whoopi’s pneumonia and the politically-charged quarrels, the women of The View—Meghan McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and Abby Huntsman—have become a Hot Topic themselves. The latest drama: While the show was on break for the 4th of July holiday, The Daily Beast revealed that sources close to McCain said she might be leaving The View, stat.

In the report, sources speculate that McCain is thinking about exiting the show before it returns for its 23rd season in September. The reason? McCain reportedly “feels exhausted and defeated,” and some days even feels “like a caged animal.”

Meghan McCain Leaving The View Heidi GutmanGetty Images

And while it didn’t take long for the rumors to run rampant, Hilary Estey McLoughlin, the show’s senior executive producer, initially told The Daily Beast that the rest of the cast and crew love and support Meghan—regardless if they get along on paper or not. “We don’t want people to attack Meghan. We’re happy to have Meghan there. I think she does want to be there. I think she wants to be on the show. She realizes it’s a very good platform for her and we love having her there. I feel like she will come back.”

Even though McCains frustration is sometimes evident on the show (we all remember her spat with Behar a few months back, don’t we?), ABC squashed the rumors with one sentence. “The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead,” a spokesperson for ABC told USA TODAY.

Ahead of Monday’s show, McCain shared a cryptic still from Gangs of New York on her Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

Me, heading back into Monday after this break like…

A post shared by Meghan McCain (@meghanmccain) on Jul 7, 2019 at 5:49am PDT

Sure, this post could simply be a way for McCain to show everyone that she struggles to return back to her 9-to-5 after a holiday weekend like the rest of us. But fans couldn’t help but speculate that this photo was chosen for a specific reason—perhaps it’s true that McCain feels like everyone is ganging up on her.

Generally speaking, her fans loved her tongue-in-cheek response to the rumors: “This is great! As for all the comments, it’s called The View,” one person said. “Meghan is a big girl and holds her own and I truly believe her when she says behind the scenes all is well with the ladies.” Others even reminded her that we should all be able to agree to disagree: “I am a liberal and you have been a gift on The View. You’re relatable. Stay the course,” another wrote.

However, McCain didn’t address the speculation during Monday’s episode, leaving some fans to fear the worst.

It looks like we’ll just have to keep an eye on her Instagram for more news…

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Could One of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Fix Rehab?

As we head into an election year, one of the big topics will be health care. And for the presidential candidates below, that includes better access to drug and alcohol treatment. Here, they share what they’d do about our nation’s addiction crisis if they were sitting in the Oval Office.


Elizabeth Warren

“Last April, I introduced the CARE act with my friend Representative Elijah Cummings from Baltimore. Under our plan, every single person who needs treatment would get it. We would send billions of dollar directly to the hardest hit communities to support first responders, public health departments, and those on the front lines of the opioid crisis. We’d put real money into research and training for health professionals. Public and non-profits would get more than a billion dollars each year to support their work with underserved populations and workers at high risk for addiction.


We would also invest in the continuum of care, from early intervention for those at risk for addiction, to harm reduction for those struggling with addiction, to long-term support for those in recovery. Data shows that people who have stable housing and employment are less likely to relapse, so our bill ensures access to critical wraparound services like housing support and medical transportation for those who need them.

CARE doesn’t just provide resources to communities; it also works to strengthen our addiction treatment infrastructure—demanding states use Medicaid to the fullest to tackle the crisis, expanding access to medication-assisted treatment, and ensuring treatment programs and recovery residences meet high standards.“


Bernie Sanders

„We need to understand that addiction is a disease, not a criminal activity. We cannot continue to treat the people struggling with the disease of addiction as criminals. We must focus on treatment and prevention. We must give people struggling with addiction the care they need by guaranteeing health care—including inpatient and outpatient substance abuse and mental health services with no copayments or deductibles—to all people as a right, not a privilege, through a Medicare-for-all, single-payer program. I also plan to enact paid family leave, so people can take time off from work to help themselves or a family member as they go through treatment.“


Kamala Harris

“To really deal with the issue of addiction, we need to tackle the lack of public health and specifically mental health resources in our communities, and in particular in communities of color and our rural communities. As president of the United States, I will make sure every American has access to mental health care and drug treatment on demand.“


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Good News! It Only Took Two Minutes to Solve the Abortion Crisis During Last Night‘s Debate

If you watched the latest Democratic primary debates to find out how the candidates plan to safeguard your reproductive freedom in the face of new statewide abortion bans and other increasingly hostile laws…well, you’re in luck! Abortion finally came up at 10:12 p.m. on the second night, after almost five hours spent talking about whose health care plan is the best and how Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wants to Clorox the Oval Office (which, yes, also important).

Never mind that reproductive rights advocates have taken to saying “when” Roe v. Wade is overturned, instead of “if.” The candidates—well, two of them, at least—managed to cover the topic in less than three minutes, without even saying the word “abortion.” And without the moderators even bringing it up! Here’s how the nuanced exchange went down:

Senator Kamala Harris started things off by attacking former Vice President Joe Biden for his longtime support of the Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal funds from being used for most abortions and which disproportionately impacts poor women and women of color.

NARAL was excited this topic was finally going to be addressed!

“You made a decision for years to withhold resources to poor women to have access to reproductive health care, including women who were the victims of rape and incest,” Harris told Biden.

Biden responded by saying that every person on the stage had “voted for the Hyde Amendment at some point” and that his new health-care proposal will fund reproductive health care.

“The Hyde Amendment, in the past, was available because there was other access for those kinds of services provided privately,” he said. (Like abortion? Is that one of “those kinds of services”?)

Harris pressed on: “Why did it take so long until you were running for president to change your position on Hyde?”

Biden assured us that he supports “a woman’s right to choose.” None of the other candidates were offered a chance to weigh in at all. Then Gov. Jay Inslee jumped in, saying it was time to “broaden” the discussion to a “bigger scandal in America,” which is unequal pay for women. (Yes, Jay…but…also…abortion!!!)

Finally, the CNN moderator said it was time to move on to foreign policy, aka the real stuff!

So…that was it! Biden previously supported Hyde, and now he does not! That’s what we learned. Hope it was edifying for you too!

Cosmo reached out to top reproductive rights activists to see what they thought of the debates.

“Given that 26 abortion bans were enacted in 12 states this year, a discussion on abortion would be an important part of the political discourse,” Elizabeth Nash, senior state issues manager for the Guttmacher Institute, told us.

“At a time when the other side is quite literally pulling out all the stops…it’s disappointing that nobody in this field is calling this out and explicitly describing what they will do to restore these rights across the country,” adds Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, who helped pass her state’s law expanding abortion access.

“It’s possible that there’s some assumption that being pro-choice is a given in a Democratic primary, but that’s not good enough. We need to know which candidate has the ideas and capacity to repair the harm that’s already been done by this administration,” she added.

Alexis McGill Johnson, the new acting president of Planned Parenthood, agreed:

“Voters deserve more from these debates—1 in 3 women of reproductive age in America could lose the right to safe, legal abortion if Roe is overturned,” she told us. “The Trump administration is dismantling the nation’s program for affordable birth control for 4 million low-income patients. Yet moderators at the Democratic debates avoided the topic of sexual and reproductive health care altogether. This is unacceptable.”

Amanda Thayer, the deputy national communications director for NARAL Pro-Choice America, added, “The stakes for reproductive freedom and access to abortion are extremely high…we are looking to the moderators of the next debates to ask about candidates’ plans to address the unprecedented attacks on reproductive health care and protect Roe v. Wade.”


Kaelyn Forde Kaelyn Forde is a reporter, editor and producer whose work has been published by Al Jazeera, ABC News, InStyle, Glamour, Allure and Refinery29, among others.

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The Debates Kinda Sucked, So We Fixed Them (You’re Welcome, DNC!)

If you made it through the most recent Democratic primary debates without popping a blood vessel: congrats! The two-night spectacle was supposedly meant to help us decide who we want as our next president, but instead left us tweeting about how terrible it was.

Between the long-shot candidates trying desperately to get a viral moment, the nonstop proliferation of random white dudes, the rehearsed gang-ups on the frontrunners, and Joe Biden calling Cory Booker the “future President,” how were we honestly supposed to concentrate on anyone’s health care plan?

With up to 10 more debates left to go before anyone votes (yes, seriously), there must be a better way. Attention, producers! Here’s how you can get it right next time.

Make it less like a wrestling match.

“The format of these debates is absurd,” said Lauren Rankin, a New York-based communications strategist. “Candidates’ answers were pitted against other candidates to create a feeling of an MMA fight, rather than a substantive discussion.” To avoid the vibe that we’re all sitting ringside, candidates should each be directed to focus on their specific policy before they can start poking holes in anyone else’s.

Let people finish their GD sentences.

I bet this sounds familiar: “My plan to deal with climate change… ” “Thank you Senator, your time is up!” Rankin says, “Candidates are given such a short time to respond that nothing concrete can be answered.” One solution: Give each candidate two minutes, uninterrupted, to explain one of their cornerstone policies.

Prevent anyone from reciting a campaign URL.

Democratic voters know how to use Google—trust. Whereas Biden proved he doesn’t know the difference between his Dot Com and the number you’re supposed to text to donate to his campaign when he suggested viewers check out… a site which now seems to have been purchased by someone named Josh (, meanwhile, now redirects to Pete Buttigieg’s site).

Marisa Kabas Marisa Kabas is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and political strategist.

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Is It Possible to Stop a Mass Shooting Before It Happens?

You’ve never heard of her, but somewhere in America, a top-secret investigator known as the Savant is infiltrating online hate groups t… sizlere farkıyla sunulmuştur

What You Need to Know About This Planned Parenthood News

On Monday, Planned Parenthood announced it will officially stop taking money from the government through Title X, a federal program that funds family planning services. The reason? The organization doesn’t want to comply with a restrictive Trump administration “domestic gag rule” that prohibits Title X clinics from referring patients to an abortion provider or giving any information about where to get one. Planned Parenthood says the rule would interfere with the care it provides to patients and limit pregnant women’s options. Along with several other organizations and states, they are challenging the rule in court.

“We believe that the Trump administration is doing this as an attack on reproductive health care and to keep providers like Planned Parenthood from serving our patients,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, in a news conference. “Health care shouldn’t come down to how much you earn, where you live, or who you are.”

“We believe that the Trump administration is doing this as an attack on reproductive health care and to keep providers like Planned Parenthood from serving our patients.”

The immediate impact of Planned Parenthood’s withdrawal is unclear, although it will vary state by state and between urban and rural areas, McGill Johnson says. Here’s what you need to know about your health-care access as Planned Parenthood closes the spigot on one of its largest funding channels:

First off, a quick primer on Title X:

Title X is a federal funding program that helps low-income women get family planning services, and it’s the only federal program solely dedicated to this purpose. The way it works is by granting money to clinics that provide birth control, pregnancy tests, annual exams, STI testing, and preventative services like cancer screenings. Planned Parenthood was the largest organization in the program, serving 41 percent of the four million Title X patients in 2015, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

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This decision doesn’t mean Planned Parenthood clinics are closing.

In a news conference on Monday, McGill Johnson emphasized that the decision to withdraw from Title X does not mean clinics are closing. Instead, it’s a giant (and eloquent) “eff you” to the Trump administration for using low-income women’s health care to score political points. Planned Parenthood hopes that its withdrawal—plus the withdrawal of several states and other health-care organizations—will push Congress to block the gag rule.

It also doesn’t mean Trump has defunded Planned Parenthood.

While defunding Planned Parenthood has long been a goal of the Trump administration, the organization withdrawing from Title X doesn’t accomplish that. According to Planned Parenthood’s annual report from 2017 to 2018, the group also received $500 million from Medicaid, which is funded by the federal government and states. Women who are eligible for Medicaid and state-specific family-planning programs will still be able to go to Planned Parenthood.

Also, this isn’t about the government funding abortion.

Reminder: Planned Parenthood has never been allowed to use federal funds (aka taxpayer money) of any kind to perform abortions. The anti-abortion movement has been targeting Title X (which, by the way, Republicans and Democrats alike supported when it was enacted in 1970) because they don’t want Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to get any federal money at all. So anyone rah-rahing about Trump “defunding abortion” (1) is wrong and (2) needs a history lesson.

Related Story image How Birth Control Could Become the Ultimate Luxury

The bottom line: Low-income women will face even more barriers to getting health care.

Women who rely on Title X—and they’re likely to be women of color who already face heightened health-care challenges—may ultimately have to drive farther for routine care like birth control, STI testing, and annual exams. Even though Planned Parenthood will keep its doors open, it may not be able to provide these services for free anymore to patients who can’t pay for them or don’t have insurance (for now, it will continue to provide contraception to Title X patients using “emergency” funding, said McGill Johnson).

McGill Johnson referenced two states—Utah, where Planned Parenthood is the only Title X provider, and Minnesota, where it serves more than 90 percent of Title X patients—where low-income women will have few other options. “It will simply be impossible for other health centers to fill the gap,” she says. “Wait times for appointments will skyrocket, and people will delay or go without care.”

Other publicly funded clinics have already said they won’t be able to handle the strain of federal cuts to Planned Parenthood. And as McGill Johnson mentioned, many women who rely on Title X simply can’t afford to drive several hours to the next-closest clinic or take extra time off work to meet their basic health-care needs.

Hannah Smothers Hannah writes about health, sex, and relationships for Cosmopolitan, and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil Is Burning, and You Can See the Damage from Space

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is on fire, burning at the highest rate since 2013. Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has reacted by claiming, without evidence, that NGOs could be burning it down on purpose.

There’s been a significant increase in wildfires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and it’s gotten so bad that the damage can now be seen from space.

New data released by the country’s space research agency is bringing more attention to what’s going on after a blackout in San Paulo on Monday sparked concerns, particularly since San Paulo is more than 1,700 miles away from the rainforest.

Many are also criticizing both Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro for his reaction to the fires and the lack of global response compared to the outcry when the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France caught fire earlier this year.

Here’s what’s really going on in Brazil, and how to help the Amazon rainforest right now.

The Amazon rainforest is burning.

That much is obvious, if you’ve spent 10 seconds looking at the video clips coming out of Brazil this week.

A YouTuber Accidentally Posted a Video of Her Slapping and Yelling at Her Puppy, and People Are Enraged

YouTuber Brooke Houts accidentally uploaded a video of her abusing her doberman puppy by hitting and yelling at him. She apologized and tried to say that while she hit her dog, she is not an abuser.

A YouTuber named Brooke Houts is under fire and just apologized for a video she accidentally uploaded that shows her abusing her puppy, Sphinx.

Brooke, who has a little over 338,000 subscribers and has uploaded videos like, „KISSING MY EX-BOYFRIEND,“ „VEGAN EATS MEAT,“ and „ATTACKED IN THE FOREST,“ uploaded one that was supposed to be a „prank“ about her dog running into plastic wrap that she put on the door. Wow. Clever.

Instead of uploading the edited version, though, the 20-year-old YouTuber accidentally uploaded raw footage that shows her slapping the dog, grabbing him, pushing him to the ground, and shoving him across the room while yelling at him to lay down. This isn’t an animal cruelty website, so we’re not going to link to Brooke’s video. Just know it’s disturbing and clearly over the line.

Brooke often centers her videos around how much she hangs out with Sphinx, so this is especially awful. Even disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul said it was „remarkably grotesque“ and „vile,“ and many Twitter users and YouTube commenters echoed that sentiment.

image YouTube

Brooke later deleted the video, but some people saved it and called her out on social media. After getting a bunch of backlash, Brooke took to Twitter to release an apology, which she drafted on none other than the Notes app. She wrote:

„On the day in particular that the video was filmed, and actually this past week, things in my outside life have been less than exceptional. I am not going to play the “victim card” or anything of that sort, but I do want to point out that I am rarely as upset as what was shown in the footage….That being said, this does NOT justify me yelling at my dog in the way that I did, and I’m fully aware of that.“

She also added this questionable statement, which seems to try to use the fact that the puppy is 75 lbs. and a doberman to explain why she lashed out the way she did:

„Should I have gotten as angry as I did in the video? No. Should I have raised my voice and yelled at him? No. However, when my 75 lb. Doberman is jumping up in my face with his mouth open, I do, as a dog parent, have to show him that this behavior is unacceptable.“

Oh, she also said, „I want to clarify that I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape, or form. Anyone who has witnessed or heard true animal abuse will be able to clearly see that.“

Here’s her apology, in full:

Whatever she might think, the Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating the video.

Related Stories image FYI, Here is ‘Bachelorette‘ Jed‘s Dog Food Jingle image Joe and Sophie Got Matching Tats for Their Dog Shannon Barbour News Writer Shannon is a news writer at, and when she’s not obsessing about Cardi B, she’s thinking about Justin Bieber and still trying to memorize Beyoncé’s Beychella choreography. 

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Chanel Miller, the Woman Sexually Assaulted by Ex–Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner, Reveals Her Identity

The woman who was sexually assaulted by Stanford swimmer Brock Turner revealed her identity. She was known as Emily Doe throughout the trial, but her real name is Chanel Miller.

The woman who was widely known as Emily Doe in the Stanford University rape case has revealed her identity three years after Brock Turner was sentenced to just six months in county jail. (He only actually served three and the judge was later recalled over the lenient sentence.)

You may not have known her real name, Chanel Miller, before today, but you definitely know her story. In January 2015, Turner sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious. During the trial, she wrote an anonymous statement that resonated with those following the case.

At the time, she wrote:

“You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me. In newspapers, my name was ‘unconscious, intoxicated woman.’ Ten syllables, and nothing more than that. I had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity. To relearn that this is not all that I am. That I am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster, while you are the all-American swimmer at a top university, innocent until proven guilty with so much at stake.”

Today, Chanel announced that she wrote a memoir called Know My Name, which she started working on in 2017. In the process of writing it, Chanel was able to read court documents and witness testimonies that she wasn’t allowed to see during the trial, helping her piece together that night.

Speaking to the New York Times, Chanel’s book editor, Andrea Schulz, said Chanel’s story could “change the culture that we live in and the assumptions we make about what survivors should be expected to go through to get justice.”

The book comes out September 24, and on the 22nd, Chanel will appear on 60 Minutes, where she’ll read her moving statement from the trial and tell her story for the first time.

Related Stories image Brock Turner’s Mugshot Is Now in a Textbook image CA’s Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Sexual Assault Shannon Barbour News Writer Shannon is a news writer at, and when she’s not obsessing about Cardi B, she’s thinking about Justin Bieber and still trying to memorize Beyoncé’s Beychella choreography. 

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Chanel Miller Opens Up About Sobbing During the Stanford Rape Case Trial and Brock Turner’s Three-Month Jail Sentence

Chanel Miller Opens Up About Sobbing During the Stanford Rape Case Trial and Brock Turner’s Three-Month Jail Sentence

Chanel Miller, the woman who was known as Emily Doe during the Stanford University rape case, opened up to 60 Minutes and People magazine about how Brock Turner sexually assaulted her and was only sentenced to six months in jail. Chanel’s book, Know My Name, comes out tomorrow.

Last month, Chanel Miller, the woman who was known as Emily Doe during the Stanford University rape case, revealed her identity. She decided to do so three years after Brock Turner was convicted of three felonies for sexually assaulting her and was only sentenced to six months in jail. (He ended up serving half of that.) Now, ahead of her book release, Chanel opened up to 60 Minutes and People magazine about the assault, the trial, and her reaction to Brock’s lenient jail sentence.

First, Chanel explained to 60 Minutes that she came forward because her story remained largely untold. She said she didn’t want to be reduced to an “unconscious, intoxicated woman” while he was painted as a star athlete “with so much at stake,” as she stated anonymously during the trial.

While talking about the trial, Chanel said the questioning was so brutal that she actually welcomed the moments when she “sobbed” on the stand because that meant the court would finally give her a break.

Choking up, she said:

“Instead of investigating the crime that’s at hand, we interrogate the victim and go after her character and pick her apart and openly defile and debase her. And you just have to sit on the stand while this is happening…Nobody is handing you a tissue. Nobody is standing up for you. You’re just getting ripped apart. And if I cried hard enough, then I got to be excused to the bathroom, which was my favorite because then I finally get a break and I can breathe for one second. But then you go back in and it just continues.”

She also feels that the trial wasn’t about the truth and that she was being “interrogated about meaningless facts” when there was “explicit evidence” regarding the assault.

In a separate interview with People magazine, Chanel said that she’s forgiven Brock because “there’s no room in your heart for hate” but that doesn’t mean she excused him for assaulting her. She explained, “I think you can forgive someone without pardoning them, if that makes sense. I think forgiveness may just be putting it to rest.”

She also said that while she’s been waiting for an apology from the judge and Brock, she hasn’t received one and thinks Brock is using alcohol as an excuse. “I was very ready to receive an apology from the very beginning,” she added. “I’m always going to advocate for acknowledging behavior and figuring out how to change and grow from that, but you can’t do that without acknowledging what happened.”

But in an effort to move on, she encourages them to “grow” from this and ”reform themselves,” but she’s ultimately focused her own growth and thinking about how she can help other people.

If you have been sexually assaulted and want to talk to someone, you can reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline 24/7 by phone (800.656.HOPE) or online.

Related Stories image The Woman Assaulted by Brock Turner Comes Forward image How to Help a Friend Who’s Been Sexually Assaulted Shannon Barbour News Writer Shannon is a news writer at, and when she’s not obsessing about Cardi B, she’s thinking about Justin Bieber and still trying to memorize Beyoncé’s Beychella choreography. 

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