12 Low-key Brilliant Hacks to Help You Wear Body Glitter IRL

12 Low-key Brilliant Hacks to Help You Wear Body Glitter IRL

Body glitter is the actual best for when you’re accessorizing a costume, going to a music festival, glamming it up for a special occasion, or if you’re extra, just living your everyday life. BUT it’s not exactly the easiest to apply (and pls, don’t even get me started on removing it). So I tapped all the pros, from makeup artists to glitter enthusiasts, for some of their best tips and ways to wear glitter on your body. Just grab some cosmetic-grade glitter (or shop my faves below), and test your skin’s sensitivity in small patches. If you skin doesn’t react (this is a good thing!), go ahead and live your best, sparkle-filled life with these 12 easy hacks.

Body Glitter Hack #1: Glue It With Hair Gel


If you’re applying glitter in large areas (like your butt), glitter artist Mia Kennington suggests using hair gel to really make it stick. First, grab a paint brush (a synthetic foundation brush works too) to spread the gel on the area. Before it dries, use the same brush to press—not stroke—the glitter over the area for even coverage.

Try These 4 Loose Chunky Body Glitters

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Body Glitter Hack #2: Make It Stick With Petroleum Jelly


Pro tip from Frankie Grande: The best product to use when applying glitter to your décolletage is Vaseline petroleum jelly. Spread the salve evenly on the area of skin you want to make glittery, then press the glitter flecks in with your hand or a brush to set it. Not only will the petroleum jelly hold the glitter in place, but it will also leave a nice dewy sheen on the surrounding skin.

Body Glitter Hack #3: Use Hand Sanitizer for Non-Sticky Application


If you’re planning on being outside and the idea of covering yourself in petroleum jelly sounds like a nightmare, opt for hand sanitizer instead. Apply the gel over the skin, and while it’s still wet, tap the glitter on top. Once it dries, the glitter will be stuck in place, but your skin won’t be left feeling sticky like it would from the other adhesives.

Body Glitter Hack #4: Make Any Makeup Product Glittery


To turn your loose glitter into wet eyeshadow or a glaze over your cheekbones, celeb makeup artist Michael Anthony recommends using a mixing medium or primer to liquify it. First, prep the area with the mixing medium, then use a flat synthetic brush to lay the glitter on top. Word to the wise: Keep the glitter a good distance away from your eye to be safe.

Body Glitter Hack #5: DIY Shimmer Spray


Regular setting spray is fine, but shimmery setting spray is 100 times better. Pour a liberal amount of finely milled powder highlighter or shimmer into your spray bottle, and shake it up. Use it as you normally would to finish your look and set your makeup for extra boost of glow.

4 Highlighter Powders You Should Try

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Body Glitter Hack #6: Make Your Own Shimmer Oil


Sure, you could splurge on a shimmery body oil—or you could make your own. Pour your body oil of choice in a travel bottle and add as much glitter pigment as you want (just a sprinkle if you like a glow-from-within look or a heavy pour if you prefer a glow from the gods). Shake it up and rub it in anywhere you want extra shimmer.

Body Glitter Hack #7: Layer Glitter Over Lipstick


If you don’t want to spend the cash on a glitter lipstick you’ll probably only wear once, DIY it instead. Anthony recommends applying a cream lipstick first (the glitter will flake off with liquid lipstick), then using your finger to press the cosmetic-grade glitter into place on your lips.

4 Best Finely Milled Glitter Powders

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Body Glitter Hack #8: Create a Glitter Brow Gel


Grande also gets his glitter brows by spraying hairspray into a dish and adding loose cosmetic-grade glitter. To apply the “brow gel,” dip a spoolie brush in the mix and comb the glitter through your brows to shape them.

Body Glitter Hack #9: Use Eyelash Glue for Sequins


If sequins and rhinestones are more your thing, use lash glue to stick them on your skin. For heavier glitter materials, Kennington likes to use clear individual eyelash glue to make them stick. First, apply a dot of the glue to the back of the rhinestone, and wait until the adhesive gets tacky. Then stick the rhinestone onto your skin, press, and hold until it dries.

Body Glitter Hack #10: Make Glitter Stamps With Makeup Sponges


If you’re not good at freehand painting but want to make a design out of glitter, grab a few cheap makeup sponges, trace on a design, and cut it out along the lines. You can use your new sponge to stamp glitter gel wherever you want.

4 Glitter Gels for Easy Application

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Body Glitter Hack #11: Cover Your Roots With Glitter Gel

image Ruben Chamorro

If you’re at a musical festival all weekend long and shampooing your hair isn’t an option, paint some glitter gel along your part to deflect the haters. Use a flat synthetic brush to dab the glitter in place.

Body Glitter Hack #12: Use Oil and Tape for Easy Removal

image Ruben Chamorro

Makeup artist Anastasia Durasova says the easiest way to remove glitter is to first dab the area with Scotch tape, then massage in a cleansing oil, and then rinse. Durasova advises against using actual makeup remover though, which ironically enough, makes the glitter adhere closer to the skin.

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This Stylish Amazon Label Actually Has Tons of Trendy Clothes

This Stylish Amazon Label Actually Has Tons of Trendy Clothes

Shopping on Amazon can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to fashion. I mean, there are seemingly millions of brands and items to sift through. I get it! (When you finally land on something that catches your eye, the amazingly fast shipping and thorough product reviews make up for it though.) If the time has come to browse for some new fall wardrobe styles on the site but you’re a little unsure of where to start, stop what you’re doing now and check out the brand Floerns. It’s available only on Amazon and it has some SUPER-cute clothes at prices that are almost too good to be true—but they’re surprisingly the real deal.

It has v on-trend snakeskin- and leopard-print pieces in a variety of silhouettes.

All. The. Animal. Print.

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There are endless amounts of denim jackets (which are waaay inexpensive, FYI) in light to dark washes, with distressed fabric, or even in camo patterns.

Denim Jackets Perfect for Unpredictable Fall Weather

Distressed Denim Jacket Floerns amazon.com $35.99 SHOP NOW Raw Hem Camo Jacket Floerns amazon.com $29.99 SHOP NOW Classic Button Up Jacket Floerns amazon.com $36.99 SHOP NOW Distressed Denim Jacket Floerns amazon.com $35.99 SHOP NOW

And are you looking for *actually* trendy clothes to wear to work? The tweed shifts, chic pussy-bow blouses, pencil skirts, and printed dresses from Floerns are perfect for the office (and also stylish enough to wear to a happy hour after).

Some Cute Fall ‚Fits for the Office

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Floerns isn’t the most size-inclusive option out there, but it does go up to size 1X. There’s even a whole section on the site where you can easily shop extended-size items.

This is definitely a great resource for adding to cart on the extremely large site if you’re completely frazzled by the sheer volume of the clothing inventory. (*raises hand*) One more plus? All the products are available on Prime, which means free two-day shipping, baby. So if you’re looking to add some standout pieces to your closet this fall, I’d get shopping ASAP.

More Fashun Things!!! Because I Can’t Help Myself (and Neither Can You)

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I Found Waterproof Rain Boots That Are Actually Cute

I Found Waterproof Rain Boots That Are Actually Cute

I’m here with an extremely important update. There exists a boot that will keep your feet dry and your dignity intact the next time a massive rainstorm decides to drop by and ruin your day. This boot will not cost you a fortune. Nay, it’ll put you out the price of one cocktail at that fancy hotel bar your bougie friend always drags you to.

Allow me to introduce you to this magical piece of footwear:

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Rain, rain, come my way, ’cause I’m ready as hell for you.

I spent much of my early adulthood refusing to believe that I needed a special shoe for rainy weather. I’m stubborn, ok! Buying a whole separate item for the few days out of the year when I avoid going outside as much as possible seemed silly. But then I ruined a whole bunch of shoes and found these Chelsea boot gems and now I’m a total convert.

Burberry Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 - Front Row & Show Harry’s not modeling the exact same pair, but you get the idea. David M. BenettGetty Images

Remember when you were younger and your mom would tell you to dress for the weather, but you didn’t wanna ruin your outfit so you’d forgo the tights and jacket and end up shivering and feeling completely ridiculous? Or depending on how enterprising you were as a #Young, you would borrow your crush’s sweatshirt, which definitely ruined your look, but it didn’t really matter because it was your crush’s sweatshirt?! Yeah, well, those days are in the past. You’re an adult now and you need some rain boots. Make your mom proud.

Shop now

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Niko Newbould Niko is one of Cosmo’s editorial interns. sizlere kokucenneti.com farkıyla sunulmuştur